The safe and reliable removal of large amounts of condensate, especially at critical installation points, such as compressor aftercoolers, storage vessels, and separators, where approx. 70 to 80% of condensate arises, really make Parker Zander's ED4100 range of condensate drains stand out. The ED4100's integrated dirt filter, large valve cross-section, direct controlled 2/2-way solenoid valve and capacitive level sensing allows for the safe, reliable, and economical removal of condensate, whilst simultaneously preventing any loss of compressed air.

• Zero air loss
• Automatic level sensing operation
• Maximum operating pressure 50 barg
• Self-monitoring and cleaning
• NPT and BSP-P options available

Installation is simple and secure using the wall bracket provided, as well as upper or side attachment, allowing for vibration-free installation - even in enclosed spaces. For low ambient temperatures, a heater can be retrofitted. A service kit that contains all of the required wearing parts is available for quick and easy maintenance.

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