When the control of a condensate drain is not level controlled but exclusively time-based, it employs preset values for valve operating times and intervals. However, since the amount of condensate in a compressed air system changes constantly (e.g. summer/winter, maximum/part load) this can sometimes cause problems for time-controlled condensate drains. ED3000 Series level sensing condensate drains use internal sensors to determine the exact moment to discharge condensate, this results in a minimised number of switching cycles and thus, to a maximum service life of the drain valve.

• Non-wearing magnetic-core level control for optimised loss free discharge of condensate
• Integrated dirt screen between level measurement and drain valve to protect the diaphragm valve (with alarm monitoring)
• Diaphragm valve with large cross-section and condensate pilot control for extended service life

• High energy efficiency and reliability
• Increased process safety
• Easy to install and service

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