The Parker Low to Mid-Flow Nitrogen Generators produce up to 132 SLPM of compressed nitrogen, on-site. The purity level of the nitrogen stream is defined by the user, for the application, and may range from 95% to 99.5%.

This Parker Mid Flow Nitrogen Generator can include an oxygen analyzer which monitors the oxygen concentration of the nitrogen stream. An audible alarm signals high or low oxygen concentrations. Parker’s Nitrogen Generators are complete systems engineered to transform standard compressed air into nitrogen at safe, regulated pressures, on demand, without the need for operator attention. The system also eliminate the need for costly, dangerous dewars and cylinders in the laboratory.

Typical applications include: LC-MS, nebulizer gas, chemical and solvent evaporation, instrument purge and supply, evaporative light scattering detector use (ELSD), and sparging.

Features & Benefits:
• Recommended and used by all major LC-MS manufacturers
• Eliminates the need for costly, dangerous, inconvenient nitrogen cylinders in the laboratory
• Models N2-04, N2-14, N2-22, N2-35 require no electricity
• Phthalate-free, no organic vapors
• Compact units, small footprint

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