The Parker Balston High Purity & Zero Nitrogen Generators are engineered to transform standard compressed air in to a safe regulated supply of 99.9995% pure nitrogen, with <0.1ppm of hydrocarbonsTypical applications include GC make up gas and carrier gas, including ECD (Electron Capture Detector), DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) and virtually any analytical instrument that requires a small flow of ultra high purity zero nitrogen.Innovative design features include integral compressors with economy mode as standard. This extends compressor life and reduces ongoing running costs.Nitrogen on demand, up to 3,200 ml/minZero Nitrogen Generators for GC Carrier Gas and Makeup Gas Applications Nitrogen and up to 14.5L/min [email protected] 0.5% purity is produced by utilizing a combination of filtration and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. Standard compressed air is filtered by high efficiency coalescing filters to remove all contaminants down to 0.01 micron. For ultra sensitive applications such as ECD, units also include the addition of a heated catalyst module to ensure hydro-carbons are removed to < 0.1ppm.The air then passes through two columns filled with proprietary carbon molecular sieve (CMS) which adsorb O2, CO2, moisture and hydrocarbons. These are desorbed to atmosphere during the pressure swing cycle leaving a supply of ultra pure nitrogen.

Features & Benefits:
• Produces a continuous supply of ultra high purity organic free nitrogen at
99.9995% purity
• Ideal for make-up and carrier gas applications including ECD
• Eliminate dangerous nitrogen cylinders from the laboratory
• Integral oil free compressors with noise reduction technology
• Economy mode: increasing compressor life and reducing ongoing
running costs
• Designed to run 24 hours a day

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