Parker Balston's FID-1000NA, FID-2500NA, and FID-3500NA Gas Stations provide both hydrogen gas and zero grade air to FID detectors on Gas Chromatographs. These systems are specifically designed to provide fuel gas and support air to 10-11 Flame Ionization Detectors, Flame Photometric Detectors or Total Hydrocarbon Analyzers.
Hydrogen gas is produced from deionized water using a Proton Exchange Membrane Cell. The hydrogen generator compartment utilizes the principle of electrolytic dissociation of water and hydrogen proton conduction through the membrane. The hydrogen supply produces up to 500 cc/min of 99.9995% pure hydrogen with pressures to 60 psig.
Zero air is produced by purifying on-site compressed air to a total hydrocarbon concentration of < 0.1 ppm (measured as methane). The zero air compartment produces up to 3500 cc/min of zero grade air.
The FID Gas Stations are state-of-the-art systems with highly reliable components engineered for easy installation, operation, and long term performance. The FID-1000NA, FID-2500NA, FID-3500NA eliminate all the inconveniences and cost of zero air and hydrogen cylinder gas supplies and dependence on outside vendors. Uncontrollable price increases, contract negotiations, long term commitments, and tank rentals are no longer a concern. With an FID Gas Station, you control your gas supply.
All Parker Balston gas generators exceed NFPA 50A and OSHA 1910.103 regulations which outline the storage of hydrogen. Produced and supported by an ISO 9001 registered organization, Parker Balston's hydrogen generators are the first built to meet the toughest laboratory standards in the world: CSA, UL, CE and IEC 1010.

Features & Benefits:
• Ideal for up to 10-11 FIDs
• Produces UHP zero air from house compressed air (<0.1 ppm THC) and 99.9995% pure hydrogen in one enclosure
• Eliminates inconvenient and dangerous zero air and hydrogen cylinders from the laboratory
• Increases the accuracy of analysis
• Reduces the cleaning requirement for the detector
• Recommended and used by many GC and column manufacturers
• Typical payback period of less than one year
• Automatic water fill
• Silent operation and minimal operator attention required ion

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