Application: Marine Diesel Engines up to 100Hp
Maximum flow rate: 114 lph/30 gph
Maximum pressure: 30 PSI
Port size: ¼” NPTF
Part NumberDescriptionMicronMax flow(LPH))
215R10 Diesel Fuel Assembly 1057
215R1210Diesel Fuel Assembly with 12v Bowl Heater1057
230R10Diesel Fuel Assembly 10114
230R1210 Diesel Fuel Assembly with 12v Bowl Heater10114
245R10Diesel Fuel Assembly 10170
Part NumberDescriptionMicronMax flow(LPH))
R15S 215 Replacement Filter 257
R15T 215 Replacement Filter 10114
R15P 215 Replacement Filter 30170
R20S230 Replacement Filter 2
R20T230 Replacement Filter 10
R20P230 Replacement Filter 30
R25S 245 Replacement Filter 2
R25T245 Replacement Filter 10
R25P 245 Replacement Filter 30
Part Number Description
RK 12870 12vdc Light and Buzzer Under Dash Module
RK 12871 24vdc Light and Buzzer Under Dash Module

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