18/28/38P Series High Pressure Filter-414 bar
18P110QBM3MG12118P-1, 100 lpm*, 10µ Abs microglass, visual
(18P1-1030203011)indicator, ¾”BSP, 7 bar by-pass
28P110QBM3MG16128P-1, 200 lpm*, 10µ Abs microglass, visual
(28P1-1030203011)indicator, 1”BSP, 7 bar by-pass
38P110QBM3MG20138P-1, 450 lpm*, 10µ Abs microglass, visual
(38P1-1030203011)indicator, 1.1/4”BSP, 7 bar by-pass
Note:-Refer to catalogue for specific element flow rate.
18P Replacement Elements
G04243Element, 18P-1-05Q, 5µ Abs microglass
G04244Element, 18P-1-10Q, 10µ Abs microglass
28P Replacement Elements
G04258Element, 28P-1-02Q, 2µ Abs microglass
G04259Element, 28P-1-05Q, 5µ Abs microglass
G04260 Element, 28P-1-10Q, 10µ Abs microglass
G04267 Element, 28P-2-05Q, 5µ Abs microglass
G04268Element, 28P-2-10Q, 10µ Abs microglass
G04316 Element, 28P-2-10QH, 10µ Abs microglass, high collapse
38P Replacement Elements
G04275Element, 38P-1-05Q, 5µ Abs microglass
G04276 Element, 38P-1-10Q, 10µ Abs microglass
G01946QElement, 38P-1-20Q, 20µ Abs microglass

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