16/26/36 Series High Pressure Filter-250bar
16P1-10704201116P,length 1, 10µ Abs microglass, visual auto reset indicator,
(16P110QM250B2B21)¾”BSP, 3.5 bar by-pass
26P1-10704201126P,length 1, 10µ Abs microglass, visual auto reset indicator,
(26P110QM250C2C21)1”BSP, 3.5 bar by-pass
36P110BE250D2D21 36P,length 1, 10µ Abs microglass, visual/electrical indicator,
1.1/4”BSP, 3.5 bar by-pass
Note:-Refer to catalogue for specific element rate
16P Replacement Elements
932610QElement, 14P/15P/15CN-1-02Q, 2µ Abs microglass
932611QElement, 15P/15CN-1-05Q, 5µ Abs microglass
932612QElement, 14P/15P/15CN-1-10Q, 10µ Abs microglass
932613QElement, 15P-1-02QH, 2µ Abs microglass (high collapse)
932615QElement, 14P/15P-1-10QH, 10µ Abs microglass (high collapse)
26P Replacement Elements
932622QElement, 24P/25P-1-02Q, 2µ Abs microglass
932623QElement, 24P/25P/30P-1-05Q, 5µ Abs microglass
932624QElement, 24P/25P/30P-1-10Q, 10µ Abs microglass
932627QElement, 24P/25P-1-10Q, 10µ Abs microglass (high collapse)
932630QElement, 24P/25P-2-10Q, 10µ Abs microglass length 2
932633QElement, 24P/25P/30P-2-10Q, 10µ Abs (high collapse) length 2
36P Replacement Elements
G01069QElement, 34P-1-03B, 2µ
G01088QElement, 34P-1-10Q, 10µ Abs microglass
G01946QElement, 34P-1-20Q, 20µ Abs microglass
G01098QElement, 34P-2-10Q, 10µ Abs microglass
Large range of other elements ex stock

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